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In line with their new positioning as deliverers of innovative bathroom experiences, Methven needed a standout web presence to support their international growth strategy.

The information hierarchy on Methven's existing website was confusing and the navigation hard to follow. It was seen as a bible to the trade (with detailed specific product information) but was not friendly for the average consumer.

One of the barriers was making sense of the products and ranges that stretch from plumbing to beauty products. Information needed to be organised in a way that was more logical, and ultimately user-centric without alienating the trade.

designworks, in conjunction with web developers Springload, created a contemporary web experience that allows users to go on a journey of discovery. Smooth transitions between products and categories ensures painless access of information. A natural colour palette compliments Methven's new product designs from New Zealand to New York these are finding favour.

Deliverables: Art direction, user interface design, information architecture and project management

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