Changing the outlook

MetService 2010 Online Annual Report

MetService’s own business forecast starts with telling the real story of a company leading the world in meteorological technology.
The goal of their 2010 Annual Report, and the brief to Designworks, was to shake perceptions and highlight the people and stories behind a modern, commercially-focussed MetService – an organisation that has just as many IT staff as it does forecasters.
Implicit was the goal of making staff proud of their company, and to highlight the world-class work being done by their colleagues.
Attracting the best staff in the technology-intensive markets they operate in is challenging, and breaking down an outdated reputation of a government department full of fusty weather reporters was the first step.
The title BrainStorm illustrates a growing shift in the climate at MetService, where staff are actively encouraged to explore new ideas and opportunities.
Forecasting and meteorological analysis lies at the core of their trade, but the potential is in what they do with that information and the tools they develop to do it.
With successes already in areas such as television weather graphics, aviation, energy trading and road safety related forecasting, MetService’s innovative thinking and products are already well ahead of the standard perception of what they do.
A stock standard annual report was not going to capture the leading edge MetService is treading, so the report had to “lift the bonnet” and showcase the brains and grunt behind the organisation.
An online focus was the starting point, in line with MetService’s strategy towards mobile and online technology. Keeping the weather theme central while focusing on innovation and a shift in people power was the aim for the Designworks team, bending their own brainstorm to the job.
Employing the lightning cloud motif kept the weather focus but translated it into a message of innovation linked clearly to the actual minds at MetService.
The online mix of required annual reporting and commentary with a collection of key messages and illustration of the people behind the business reflects a modern strategy based on technology and people.
Since its launch, the report has received praise from various quarters, including from staff, such as: “What a wonderful report and presentation. I’m proud of my company. We have been achieving a lot.” and “Wow! That looks great! Very slick and modern. Good work.”
To view the online report, click here.